After School Workshops

Our after school workshops are held in a variety of locations for children aged 7+. With different themes each term, the workshops nurture students of different abilities, support individual ideas and expressions, and provide a fun and relaxed environment for children to unleash their imaginations, learn new writing rules and structures, and try their hand at something new. With every Little Star Writer receiving a LSW folder full of worksheets, each workshop is taught using a variety of games, activities, presentations, group work, writing challenges, and competitions, and all students receive stickers and certificates, and work towards becoming the 'Little Star Writer of the Term'. 


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I now understand how you got so successful so quickly. You have such an inspiring enthusiasm as well as a meticulous attention to detail and commitment. Children and teachers everywhere are very lucky you burst onto the scene!
— Dee Shulman, bestselling children's author and illustrator
Little Star Writing is a firm favourite with my two daughters and it is great to have another after-school option for two sport-mad girls. Not only are the workshops fun and interesting, but both girls have improved their writing skills as a result.
— Mrs Goodwin, Parent
The children produce fantastic writing without even realising they were working!
— Mrs Bray, Literacy Coordinator
You have created a little bit of magic in what you do. Thank you on behalf of teachers for the love and passion you are helping to further instil in our children!
— Mrs Gillis, Literacy Coordinator, Kew Green Preparatory School
LSW is the best club in the school. We play so many fun games, get stickers, prizes and certificates, meet authors, learn tips for improving our writing, and even get published in a book!
— Little Star Writer, Emily, age 10
Where so often creativity is curtailed by exam pressures and curriculum objectives, Little Star Writing offers something different - something boldly imaginative and exciting for children.
— Abi Elphinstone, children's author and ex-English teacher