+ How much are Little Star Writing Workshops?

LSW Workshops are £8.00 + VAT per workshop, made payable as an upfront fee for the entire term. This price includes weekly workshops, all equipment provided, a copy of your child's work in a LSW folder, competition entries, prizes, certificates and an entry to the LSW book.

+ How Do I book my child onto a course of LSW Workshops?

Click on 'Enrol Here' in the navigation bar and select the type of workshop you would like to enrol your child on. If you are enrolling your child onto an after school workshop, you can select their school from the drop down menu, click 'add to cart', and then click on the shopping trolley symbol to complete the check out process. Before you are asked for payment, there will be a quick form to fill out. Please ensure you fill this out every time you book a term of workshops (otherwise we won't know who the payment is for). If you run into any problems, please don't hesitate to email us and we will do all we can to assist you.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you read each school's details carefully, as times and dates may vary.

- How do I know my child's place has been confirmed?

Your child's place is only reserved once payment has been made. Once you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us - this is all you need to know that your child's space has been booked successfully.

- Can I email you to book my child's space?

Our preferred booking method is via our online system, but if this causes any problems, please don't hesitate to email us. We aim to respond to all emails within one working day, but we cannot guarantee there will be spaces left by the time we respond.

- Spaces are sold out at my child's school / selected venue. What can I do?

Spaces can sell out very quickly for LSW workshops, but sometimes some open up to due to last-minute cancellations. To put your child on the waiting list for a selected school or venue, please send us an email - info@littlestarwriting.com and we will let you know when a space comes available.

- There are spaces left at my child's school / selected venue but we have missed the start of the term. Can I sign them up for the remaining workshops?

Usually we can accept sign-ups at any stage if there are spaces. If you would like to sign your child up midway through a term, please email us and we can suggest the best time to start and provide payment details - info@littlestarwriting.com.

- What is your cancellation policy?

We can cancel places and give a full refund prior to a term of workshops starting if a parent requests a refund via email. Once a term has started, however, we are unable to offer refunds for cancelled places.

- My child is going to miss a workshop. Do I still have to pay for the whole term?

It is LSW policy that parents pay for the full term of Little Star Writing Workshops, regardless of any pre-existing plans or schedule clashes that may arise. Please keep in mind that there are often waiting lists in place for students that can attend the full term of workshops, and for this reason we cannot offer refunds or discounted terms for missed workshops.

- My child hasn't come before. Can they have a trial class?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer trial classes for our After School Workshops. Spaces tend to sell out very quickly, and we usually have waiting lists in place for parents who did not book their child's space in time. For this reason, priority is given to those who sign their children up for the entire term.

In rare instances, we can offer trial classes if we have space once the term has started, but please be aware that your child may be behind on work and have missed out on learning writing rules from previous weeks. If you would still like to request a trial workshop, please send an email to info@littlestarwriting.com and we will contact you if we are in a position to offer one.

- Why can some schools accept year 3 students and others can't?

Most of our after school workshops are open to students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, but this is often dependent on the size of the school and any agreements we have in place with individual venues.

- My child is not quite old enough to attend your workshops but they are an advanced writer. Can we enrol them anyway?

Due to insurance purposes and strict adult : child ratios, we are only able to accept children who are in year 3 and above (for after school workshops) and students aged 7+ for our Half Term Retreats. This is regardless of your child's ability, and is one LSW rule that has no exceptions. If you would like us to put your child on a waiting list for when they do turn 7 years old, please email us - info@littlestarwriting.com. Please note: if you enrol your child, knowing that they are underage, we reserve the right to cancel their place with no notice, and are not at liberty to provide a refund.

- My child does not attend any of the schools listed. Can I sign them up to another local school workshop instead?

Unfortunately all students must attend the school in question to sign up to our after school workshops. If your child's school is not listed, please email us with your school suggestion and we will contact the relevant head teacher or literacy co-ordinator - info@littlestarwriting.com. In the mean time, you may like to look at LSW Half Term Writing Retreats.

- My child struggles with their writing. Can you make sure the tutor spends extra time with them so they get the most out of your workshops?

There is a space at Little Star Writing for children of all abilities, and tutors do their utmost to encourage creativity in all aspiring authors and reluctant writers. There is, however, the expectation that students will be able to write independently at some point during each workshop. Although tutors are on hand to help inspire the students, to build their confidence, and help plan their stories or suggest ideas, there are also several other students in the class, and tutors must assist every Little Star Writer in equal measure. If you think your child may not be able to write independently, or if they need some extra encouragement before attending a LSW workshop, please email us before booking and we would be happy to discuss some Private Tuition options.

- My child's school is listed but we cannot book through your website. What is the reason for this?

Some of our workshops are paid for by the school themselves. If this is the case, some schools prefer to invite students to join Little Star Writing, other schools have procedures in place to offer spaces to certain year groups, and some schools simply prefer students to enrol through their school office.

If your child's school is listed and you cannot book them a space, please email info@littlestarwriting.com and we will be happy to advise you.

- What happens if a workshop is cancelled?

If a workshop is cancelled at the fault of a LSW member of staff or due to inclement weather, we will always strive to provide a replacement workshop. Note: replacement workshops can be held on any day of the week. Alternatively, if no replacement workshop is provided, we can offer your child a discounted rate for the next term of workshops at the discretion of LSW management.

- Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Unfortunately we do not accept childcare vouchers as we are not required to be Ofsted registered. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Do I need to notify you if my child is walking home alone, being collected by someone else, or if I need to collect them early?

Yes! Please send an email to info@littlestarwriting.com or ask your child to hand a letter to the LSW tutor, giving consent for them to walk home by themselves, be collected by someone else or leave the workshop early.

- Will we get feedback on our child's progress?

LSW is all about having fun with writing, and for this reason, we do not test the students, mark their work or give them grades. The best feedback you could get is by seeing their reaction after a workshop, noticing their attitude toward writing change, or discussing their ideas and work with them. We do however like to give praise and discuss work with the Little Star Writers and their parents, and our tutors will be more than happy to provide feedback if you ask them at the end of a workshop.

- Can you help my child improve their spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting?

Although we don't focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation or handwriting, we believe that once students enjoy the art of writing, they will want to write more often. In turn, the more they write, the more confident they will become, and the more they will naturally improve their storytelling techniques, spelling, grammar and handwriting.

- Does my child need to take anything to the workshops?

The only thing we ask students to bring with them is bags of energy, lots of ideas and boundless enthusiasm - we'll provide everything else (pens, pencils, paper, folders, worksheets, etc).

- What policies do you have in place for students that may be struggling or misbehaving?

There are various policies and strategies in place to help struggling students, but if a student in unable to write independently after two or three workshops, we may recommend they finish the term early and suggest 1:1 tuition instead. This will be more beneficial for the student, more cost-effective for the parents, and may prove to help the remaining Little Star Writers who can get help from the LSW Tutor in equal measure. Please note: parents are asked to take their child's ability into consideration when enroling them, as LSW are not at liberty to provide a refund if a term of workshops is terminated early. Please keep in mind that there are often waiting lists in place for students that can attend the full term of workshops, and for this reason we cannot offer refunds or discounted terms if you enrol your child, knowing they cannot write independently.

For the same reason, we cannot offer refunds for a term that has to be terminated early due to bad behaviour. If a Little Star Writer continues to distrupt the workshop or be a constant distraction for the class after several warnings, LSW are at liberty to terminate their term of workshops at any time, without a refund. LSW will always endeavour to contact parents first in order to put other Plans of Action in place, but if contact cannot be made or parents do not reply, we reserve the right to make the final decision in terms of removing a student without warning.

- How does my child's work get published?

Little Star Writers take their folder home at the end of every term. During the half term holidays, they are asked to type up their work (with help from a sibling or parent who is welcome to correct spelling, etc), and then email it to stories@littlestarwriting.com. The LSW proofreader will then look over their work and correct any errors before publication. Book order forms / emails will be sent out in advance of the publication day, and payment can be made via our online system.

- How do I book LSW 1:1 Tuition?

Please email info@littlestarwriting.com to be added to the 1:1 waiting list and we will contact you when we announce our next 1:1 dates. Please note, there is high demand for LSW private tuition and our 1:1 timetables are often confirmed several months in advance. For this reason, we are at liberty to charge 100% of the cost if you cancel a session within 48 hours, or 50% of the cost if cancelled within 7-days of the scheduled time slot.