Half Term Writing Retreats

Are you fed up of finding new activities to do every half term? Are your children bored of the same sports camp or local park? Do you want to put your feet up and know your child is doing something fun AND educational? Look no further... LSW Writing Retreats have arrived!

LSW Writing Retreats are designed to stretch student's imaginations, encourage them to write something original and inventive, develop their own writing style or 'voice', teach them about the publishing industry, and introduce them to the art of proofreading and copyediting. As always, the emphasis on all LSW workshops is to make writing fun.

The retreats will involve the usual fun games, tasks and activities, and will give students the freedom to write about any subject or genre. It also gives them time to edit their work, and allows them the opportunity to try something new without the fear of 'getting it wrong'.


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A bit more information...

LSW Writing Retreats are half-day workshops and last three and a half hours (with breaks). There are different themes and projects for each retreat - no two retreats are the same.

- They are designed for all aspiring authors and reluctant writers.

- For students aged 7+.

- We usually run two Writing Retreats during each half term break. One for ages 7-10, and another for ages 11+. 

- All students must be able to write independently. 

- Please note, our themed workshops at Christmas, Halloween and Easter are especially popular and spaces tend to sell out very quickly. 

My son doesn’t have the opportunity to do your term courses as you don’t yet operate at his school. English is usually his least favourite subject, but he loves coming to your half term workshops so it really does make a difference. Thank you!
— Jenny, mum to Tom, age 9
Already I can see that Alistair is much more confident in approaching written work and he seems to see it as something enjoyable. I really think you’ve helped him reconnect with an interest in storytelling and being creative with writing.
— Colleen, mum to Alistair, age 10
My daughter really - and I mean REALLY! - enjoyed the workshop today. She is a bit reluctant about writing and much prefers maths so I was absolutely delighted that she was so inspired. She was the youngest in the group and I think that actually probably helped her to be more positive. When her dad came home last night, she rushed excitedly down the stairs with all her bits of paper to show him and was gabbling away about WISPS!
— Anita, parent to Hana, age 7
James enjoyed the Writing Retreat this week. You really do have an inspiring way of bringing the fantastic ideas inside a child’s head onto the page. It is clear that you love the written word yourself, as your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for bringing the world of books and writing to young children with the type of positive spark that is not simply motivating, but allows them to see books and writing being treated with the magical ingredient they deserve. The power of your creative drive and enthusiasm is a wonderful gift to them all. Thank you.
— Karen, mum to James, age 8