Calling all Little Star Writers, Parents, Teachers, Authors and Publishers - we need YOU!

It's not often I get stuck for what to write, but deciding what to include in this first blog post has proven more difficult than asking a three-year-old to do mental arithmetic (okay, slight exaggeration).

But in all honesty, it took me a while to figure out what to write, and that't not usually something I'm used to. My problem is a common one - one that a lot of children face when it comes to writing - and that's thinking of ideas.

Generally the process of putting ideas onto paper can be split into two categories:

1) There's those that have little confidence in their ideas and struggle to put their thoughts onto paper.

2) There's those that have so many ideas, they come out in a bit of a jumbled mess, resulting in a piece of writing that doesn't make much sense.

When I was a child (and sometimes now) I'd say I fit into the second category, and putting my thoughts into some sort of coherent order has been something I've learnt over time. Now, as much as I'd like to let all of my ideas pour out of my head and into this blog post, I fear it might resemble something like the picture below...

So instead, I decided to do the civilised thing (yes, students, I can be civilised from time to time!) and start by explaining why I've decided to launch a LSW Blog. The answer is very simple... writing can be quite a lonely hobby or career choice. At LSW, we want to celebrate writing as much as we can. We want to inspire children and teenagers, and help foster a life-long love for writing.

The LSW Blog gives us another outlet to do this. We can give writing tips and advice, showcase some of the Little Star Writer's work, set challenges and competitions with winning entries being posted on the blog, we can feature write-ups from our adventures at author events, Literary Festivals and International British Schools around the world, and we can ask Little Star Writers, authors and industry experts to write guest posts, comment on blog entries, and give feedback on the Little Star Writer's work.

We want to make writing more accessable and more interactive, but we can't do this without YOU. Whether you're a Little Star Writer, sibling, parent, teacher, author, illustrator, editor, literary agent, or singing monkey (especially if you're a singing monkey!), please do feel free to comment on posts, 'share' / retweet links, or send us your suggestions for blog posts or competitions. Whoever you are, we'd love to hear from you, and I know the Little Star Writers would, too. Lets give them an audience, lets inspire them - and let them inspire us - lets give them an opportunity to SHINE.