Little Star Journalists at the Radio Times Festival 2015 (Sir David Attenborough, David Walliams and Anthony Horowitz)

A few months ago, we launched a competition for Little Star Writers to win tickets to events with David Walliams and Anthony Horowitz at the Radio Times Festival (and they even had the chance to act as journalists for the day and ask the authors some questions!).

This is the first year the Radio Times have run their festival, but what a weekend it was! We were lucky enough to get VIP tickets to a talk with Sir David Attenborough, too, and it was without-a-doubt one of the most insightful and inspiring events we've been to. David spoke about his extensive career in the broadcasting industry, but we particularly enjoyed hearing him explain how he writes scripts for the programmes he creates such as 'Planet Earth'. It's incredible how he selects each word and phrase carefully to ensure each explanation is succinct, informative, entertaining, and also ensures the audience don't misinterpret what he's saying. We only wish this event went on all night...

On Sunday 27th September, Little Star Writers, Toby, Oli, Charlie and Sadie joined us on Hampton Court Green for a glorious day of sunshine, delicious food, author talks, book signings and exclusive access to the Press Tent. When we arrived (laden with LSW hoodies, clipboards, pens, lanyards and lots of questions), each Little Star Writer received a special 'press band', which they wore to get into the Press Tent and interview anyone and everyone who happened to pass by. 

What better way to start their day as journalists than by interviewing TV Editor of the Sunday Express, David Stephenson... David told us he loves his job because he gets to watch television and interview lots of interesting people for his day job. He told Little Star Writer, Sadie, that the most interesting person he's ever interviewed is Bruce Forsyth, because 'he's been in the industry for a long, long time and has lots of interesting stories to tell' (we won't tell you who he said he had the most awkward interview with!). Little Star Writer, Charlie, asked him what advice he would give to aspiring journalists and he said to: 1) keep a notebook, and 2) write about what you know. Very helpful advice, indeed!

Later in the day, they also interviewed the Editor of Radio Times, Ben Preston. Ben told us that he has interviewed people such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and that to be a good reporter, you must always, always carry a pen! 

As part of their prize, the Little Star Writers also won tickets to events with Anthony Horowitz and David Walliams. Both authors entertained us with stories of their writing journeys, readings, photos and Q&A's, and we even got our books signed! If that wasn't enough, we also met Bruce Forsyth, Julian Clarey, and the stars of Strictly Come Dancing. What a brilliant day... thank you Ben, Dom and everyone at Radio Times for giving our writers the real 'star treatment' - we already can't wait for next year!