It's been quite a while since we've written a blog post, and the reason for that is very simple... TIME. There just hasn't been enough of it.

They say time goes quickly when you're having fun, and we know that to be 100% true. Most LSW workshops are over an hour long, but between the games, activities, worksheets, group work, sharing ideas, reading out, awarding prizes and certificates (and generally having so much fun it should be made illegal), the workshops race by as if they are just ten minutes long. The resounding groans at the end of the sessions and pleas to continue for 'just another five minutes' are testament to that, and we feel very lucky to have a job that is so enjoyable for everyone involved.

In a bid to give ourselves more of that precious thing called time, we launched our half term Writing Retreats at the end of 2014, and created workshops that were three hours long - yes, THREE HOURS! We thought it was our greatest idea yet - thirty students, two LSW Tutors and three glorious hours of LSW activities. We're ashamed to admit that we couldn't have been more wrong...

Yet again, time seemed to fast-forward in a blur of laughter and writing challenges, and before we could glance at the clock, parents were queuing up to collect their children and we were forced to pack the famous star costume away. Don't get me wrong, the students still manage to do plenty of writing. In fact, we're convinced some of them have secret pens that do all of the writing for them (like Rita Skeeter's Quick Quill). After all, it's not humanly possible for an eight-year-old to write nine pages in three hours, is it?

Despite wishing we had an extra couple of hours in the day, the truth is, we're pretty sure we'd still find something to fill it with. We've had an incredible start to 2015, and with so many ideas to help improve and strengthen LSW workshops (and with a few secret projects in the pipeline), we can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank every single tutor, student, parent, teacher, author, illustrator, lecturer, agent, editor, publicist and LSW fan who has supported us so far...