LSW World Book Day Poetry Competition 2015

When we launched our special World Book Day Poetry Competition, we had no idea how popular it was going to be! After reading hundreds of entries from more than 75 schools around the UK and even as far as America and Uganda, the winning entry belonged to Emma from York. Our judges thought it was 'honest, witty, and cleverly written'.

This poem proves that when you forget about the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all those other writing rules that prove a bit overwhelming at times, all you need to focus on is getting your thoughts onto paper (no matter how awful you think they are at the time) and you can call yourself ‘a writer’.


I’m not the writing sort,
But my teacher told me to get on with it,
Leaving me with no support.

So I guess I’d better write,
Or I’ll be here all night,
So here goes,
Who knows?
I might do something good. 

Although I hate that I have to spell,
I could actually write very well,
If Miss would only let me look,
In that great big spelling book. 

I’m supposed to use,
CAPitAl LETterS and full. St.Ops,
But it’s not like they’re gonna’ call the cops,
I mean, they say to add in similes,
Like it’s as easy as pie,

And that you can’t start a sentence with and,
Or start rhyming and then stop.

They teach us to write with metaphors,
But pens are swords,

They are disastrous in the wrong hands.

They say, us,e commas for pauses,
But als,o for, clauses
Its confusing,

Especially when they talk about apostrophes,
They look the same only flying,
That’s what I’d like to do, I’m trying.

Whoa! Look at everything I’ve written!
Next thing I know, I’m writing poetry for Britain,
I’m the writing sort,

I can do it all with no support.


And here is the poem that inspired the whole competition...
'Imagine' by Little Star Writer, Morgan


Imagine a world with no books.A world with no happiness,

A world where you dread the darkness around every corner,

A world with every smile extinct,

No ideas, no joy, no history.


Books bring us communication.

They give us inspiration.



Every sentence, every word, every letter counts.


When I was new, words gave me comfort,

As I grew, they made me smile,

Now as a child, I am full of wonder.


Imagine a world with no books.