Little Star Writers Become Publishers For The Day At Usborne

Firstly, we'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Usborne for allowing us to take over their office for the day.

Publisher for the day 04.jpg

3 lucky Little Star Writers, Millie, Charlotte and Lucy, were given the chance to experience life inside the publishing industry, thanks to the team at Usborne. They said it exceeded all of their expectations, and one went so far as to say, 'I'm definitely going to work in publishing when I'm older'!  

Everyone was incredibly friendly and really made the girls feel at home. They met with fiction editor, Becky, who showed them the different departments within the publishing house, and set them an array of fantastic activities to give them an insight into what the life of a publisher is really like.

After lunch, when given a choice between chatting and eating cupcakes or heading back to the office, they chose to go back to work! The day definitely made an impression on them, and we'd like to thank everyone who made it possible - thank you Usborne!