A Note From Little Star Writing...

You've probably guessed by now that we LOVE to write. We could write pages and pages telling you all about our award-winning workshops, how every Little Star Writer becomes a published author in the annual LSW Book, how some of our students have won awards (see our 'Shining Stars' page for more), how some of the UK's most renowned authors visit our workshops and inspire the students, how we are sponsored by some of the world's largest children's publishers, how we are the current 'UK's Educational Provider of the Year', and how we encourage all aspiring authors and reluctant writers to discover the fun and rewarding nature of Creative Writing. For now, we'll summarise what you can expect from us, but do feel free to browse the different workshops on offer, read our blog posts for more detailed information or check out our FAQs if you have any questions. 

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Our Aims:

We pride ourselves on how unique, inspiring and enjoyable our workshops are, and we set very high standards to achieve this. In order to stay 'ahead of the game', we constantly strive to improve and strengthen the workshops by taking suggestions from LSW Tutors, students and parents, working with industry experts, using different worksheets / activities every term, adapting lesson plans to suit current themes and trends, and having very high expectations from everyone involved. 

From striving to reply to all emails within 24 hours, to requesting feedback from tutors after every workshop and implementing 'plans of action' for individual students who may be struggling or misbehaving, we do everything in our power to ensure every student is getting the proper 'LSW experience'. Additionally, with the ever-changing National Curriculum demands, we aim to tap into children's unlimited imaginations, build their confidence, introduce them to new writing styles and genres, and provide an outlet for sharing ideas without worrying about spelling, grammar, punctuation or handwriting. 


Expectations of Schools, Parents and Students:

As well as having extremely high expectations of LSW Tutors, we also ask parents and schools to adhere to our 'Agreement Policy' (download here), so that we know all workshops are running successfully across all schools and venues. 

We also implement a variety of policies and procedures to instill a positive, relaxed and respectful atmosphere in every workshop, including having certain expectations for student behaviour. Being a 'Little Star Writer' is not about being the most confident writer or writing the most during a session. Little Star Writers try their hardest, help other students, put their hand up if they have a question, listen to instructions, are polite at all times, and support their peers. Tutors will not tolerate bad behaviour, and although the workshops are intended to be excitable and enjoyable, all Little Star Writers should be able to write independently and not be a distraction to other students, or have a negative impact on how the workshop is run. For more information on our policies and procedures when it comes to behavioural issues, please see our FAQs